ps mouse painting wild motorcycle lovers in the countryside

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The mouse paints wild motorcycle lovers in the countryside

The focus of the mouse painting is the description of the detail part, perhaps the novice does not know how to refine. The best way is to collect relevant information, such as the main body of this article is motorcycles, painting before the best is to find some dynamic motorcycle material. The effect is more realistic.
Final effect

1, the simple creation of pencil first, and then scanned into the computer for PS color painting. Mainly determine the composition first. Quadrochromatic creation screen more than white, because behind is want to draw blue sky and white clouds, so that the view of the vast.

2, scan into the computer, open in PS. The background of this composition is in the western region similar to the United States, the sun is strong and Sandy road. Distance road and cloud connection color should pay attention to the combination of the two, can not be too independent. Create a new layer first from the background painting, paved with a simple background. The layers are arranged as shown in the figure below.

3, a new layer of fine painting clouds, the sun shines. Clouds note drawing according to the direction of the main light source. Because the face painting needs is the primary and secondary relationship, the bottom is the vision of the cloud does not need to draw too clear, only painted with sand-like air sense.

4, the next is the road, but also a new layer, more casual, whether it is the road or clouds such as the more casual no fixed shape of things, you can arbitrarily play do not need too formal, as long as the painting rules and gravel road surface texture, this can be more information, or usually through the observation of the surrounding things to practice more. Sha Shilu to finish carefully, because this part is a close-up.


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