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We all like to use Photoshop to design a variety of beautiful typography, the most basic way is to use the path of text typesetting, this article on the small and medium-sized for you to introduce the path of the text typesetting method, I hope to help!

Today we talk about the way the text is arranged according to the path, the effect of similar line text can be formed on the open path, and the following 3 Web address text is wavy in the left figure. You can also arrange the text in a closed path so that you can form a box-like text with the following U-letters and T-letters in the left figure. The paths they rely on are shown in the right picture, and it is easy to see that the former is an open shape, and the latter is two (not one) closed.

Strictly speaking, in order to master the method of drawing the path, then to learn about the content of the path text. Fortunately Photoshop provides a lot of ready-made vector graphics, where we use them first to learn. It's just that these vector graphs are closed graphs, like the one on the right, where the wavy lines open paths are currently impossible to make.

Create a new 400x300 image (you can set your own size), and then select the Custom Shape tool

, note that the drawing should be the first (shape layer), as shown in the red arrow below. Then select a Heart shape in the list of shapes (such as not in the list to restore the default shape), as shown in the green arrow below. Style selection is no style. Alternatively, you can select a color.

Then draw a heart shape in the image (you can hold down the SHIFT key during the drawing to maintain the aspect ratio), which is to create a color fill layer with a vector mask. As shown in the left figure, the layer palette shows exactly one color fill layer. Double-click the thumbnail to change the color of the fill, and the layer thumbnail has a mask thumbnail on the right (the blue arrow at the bottom left), which is the vector mask thumbnail, which is characterized by a gray representation of the hidden area. Knowledge of vector masks we will learn later.

Before proceeding to the next step, make sure that the path in the path mask is displayed by clicking on the path mask thumbnail. You will see an outer frame in the heart of the image, and a thin box appears around the path mask thumbnail in the Layer palette, as shown in the right.

now select the Text Tool , and make it stay on top of this heart-shaped path, depending on the location of the mouse cursor will be different changes. Displayed as when stuck above a path line , when stuck within the graph will be shown as 。 Notice the difference between the two, which means that the lines move along the path to arrange the text, while the latter indicates that the text is written in a closed area and the function is completely different. Now we're going to stop the text tool inside the heart (the cursor is ), and then click, the text input cursor appears, enter some text. such as "Love" (note that after each letter there is a space, the reason later). Select an English font (such as Tohoma), select a small number of font size (such as 6px), and copy and paste several times, so that it fills the entire graphic (beyond also does not matter), the effect is as follows the left figure. When you see the text in the graphic is not symmetrical arrangement, next in the Paragraph Palette set Center, and the appropriate set of left indent and right indent values (such as 5px), so that looks more comfortable. In general, in closed graphics layout text, you have to do these settings to achieve better visual effects. The following is the right figure.

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