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This tutorial provides more information on how to take creative cloud pictures. Before filming, you need to create the cloud background you want. Then use a cloud-like cotton shop below to make the bottom cloud. After the background is finished, you can take photos of people! A very elegant feeling. But taking a good picture requires a new trimming of the background and touches.

Final effect

1, find a suitable sky material.

2, copy a layer to add white in the gradient.

3, find a foreign advertising film to the above want to copy down the material.

4, the use of color range of the cloud you want to copy the gift box down.

5, copy down the effect.

6, add to the previous found in the background.

7. By analogy, each is synthesized in such a way.

8, the final color effect.

9, change the size and deal with the final effect of the color.

10, after a little processing.

11, after the addition of material.

12, this photo is made in a good background cloth shot, when filming on the ground paved with a thick layer of cotton. To create a feeling above the clouds. This is more natural than just putting a photo in the background. The original film in the background cloth to help, the other characters are not ideal location, but also through the late adjustment, so that the overall effect of the picture more ideal.

Original film:

13, the background and the characters with the free transformation, pull to the desired position.

14, the character behind the background is not good-looking, dispose of.

15, open the material before.

16, add to the place before the repair.

17, to the sky black, the cotton white to make space feel stronger.

18, in the use of optional colors and a type of tool to adjust the color.

Final effect:

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