PS Portrait of late autumn Ash cold tune artistic conception works

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SONY slt-a99 lens Carl Zeiss vario-sonnar t* 24-70mm F2.8 ZA SSM (sal2470z) aperture F4.5 shutter 1/50-second focal length 70mm ISO100 time 16:14:44

First, this film model on the head of the "long Tree", the head above the complex background removal, the process will not repeat, the focus is color. The following is an overview figure:

Second, the first adjust the environment color, first adjust the color of the grass, yellow and green, supplemented by red and black, the aim is to turn the weeds yellow, and then adjust the contrast and color level, easy to follow the process of color processing, parameters are as follows:

Note that the optional color options are absolute

Third, the above color after the model liquefaction, liquefaction of this technology will see your practice, here a little, liquefaction effect as follows:

Four, Next is the skin tone adjustment, the parameter is as follows, completes remembers the mask to erase the person outside the Dongdong

Effect after adjustment

Five, then is to change the background to a cloudy sky, you can first pull the map, and then put the cloudy material up, the specific steps are not described in detail, after the synthesis of the following figure:

Six, then continue to fine-tune, the parameters are as follows:

Remember to erase the portrait after you have finished adjusting the mask. After finishing the characters for grinding, grinding skin is not described, adjusted after the effect is as follows:

Eight, the color is roughly formed, in order to add some film sense, I chose alien skin this filter, choose to increase the comparison of the scheme, this can actually choose according to their actual needs, after all, you can see the effect, I chose one of them, the color is roughly unchanged, the focus is yellow, increased the contrast, added a high light noise, The effect is as follows:

Nine, add mist effect, add picture mood. Brush tools, fog brush tools Baidu a large basket, focusing on the sky and the ground, people and prospects to add mist between the horizon, pay attention to adjust the transparency of the mist layer. Finally, open alien SKIN again, add scratches, slightly increase the red saturation, finish!

Final effect Diagram

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