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Before filming this piece, I communicate with stylist, hope the final work presents a tone and texture very strong atmosphere. Stylist will model to create a metal-textured fashion alternative modelling, through the mood of the model to convey the meaning of the work. In order to highlight this level of adjustment in the early stage, I choose the big aperture in the shooting, moderately fictitious characters around, highlighting the body. Later, the main emphasis on the tone and the processing of metal texture, focusing attention to tonal adjustment in order to achieve emotional and halftone coordination.

Figure 1 to open the picture copy layer, first repair the skin defects, use the curve to adjust the exposure.

Fig. 2 also uses the curve to carry on the whole partial tone adjustment.

Fig. 3 in the use of the curve to the overall picture of the emphasis on the tone, here to pay attention must be, with the overall vision to analyze the picture, and with the local treatment to obey the overall arrangement, this aspect, the peer who has studied painting should be very clear this point.

Figure 4 also coordinates the whole picture according to the whole part, each time using the curve to fine-tune.

Fig. 5 The last part of the tone, combine the previous steps to create a new layer, add a mask, use the history pen to fine-tune the tone, so that the tone of the adjustment part of the basic end.

Figure 6 uses color balance to adjust colors.

Figure 7 uses the optional color to adjust the local color.

Figure 8 continues with the color balance for fine-tuning.

Figure 9 also uses an optional color to make adjustments.

To sum up, in the process of toning and adjusting tone, we should pay attention to the photographer's concept of photography, can not destroy the concept of the photographer, we are the perfect restoration of light and shadow of the place to fine-tune, do not move too large, step by step to make your tone adjustment into the screen, so naturally also very engaging, color processing methods, The simpler the better, you can put the same tool, repeatedly to use and do not give the value of a large, so that the color will be like a tonal infiltration into the screen, so that the tone and hue of the screen will be very deep.

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