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The PS translation Tutorial will work with you to learn how to use Photoshop to make beautiful luminous liquefaction text effects. The PS translation Tutorial will practice using the liquefaction filters, layer blending options, and part of the adjustment layer. Let's take a look at the final rendering of this PS translation tutorial and the material needed for the tutorial.

Final effect Diagram

Figure 00

Tutorial Material

Ground material

Splash Material

Spray Brush

Step 1

Open Photoshop to create a new PSD document, set the document size to 1280 pixels *800 pixels, and fill the background with black. Then, download the ground material and open it in PS, as shown in the following picture, and select some of them.

Figure 01

Copy the material you just selected and paste it into the canvas, then smear the edges of the ground material with a lower hardness, as shown in the following illustration.

Figure 02

Then add three adjustment layers on top of the ground material.

Add a black and white adjustment layer

Figure 03

Add a gradient adjustment layer

Figure 04

Add a curve adjustment layer

Figure 05

Then create a new layer on top of the layers panel, use a cloud brush or cloud filter to create a cloud effect, and the ground looks more realistic, as shown in the following illustration.

Figure 06

Step 2

Select the Text tool below to add text, where the text font is in the "freestyle Script" font with Photoshop.

Figure 07

After you add the text, start to set the blending options for the type layer. Right-click the thumbnail of the type layer in the Layers panel and select the blending option in the pop-up menu. The bevel and emboss, color overlay, and outer glow are set respectively below.

Bevel and Emboss

Figure 08

Color Overlay

Figure 09

Outer Glow

Figure 10

After you set the blending options for the text layer, the effect is shown in the following illustration.

Figure 11

Step 3

Below to increase the text liquefaction effect. First download the splash material now, then use the selection tool to select a small portion of the material.

Figure 12

Paste the selected portion of the copy into the canvas rollup and then set as a clipping mask for the type layer, as shown in the following illustration.

Figure 13

After the design of the previous step, the text has a feeling of liquefaction of water. Below we continue to select the original splash material, with the selection tool to copy the sticky part to the bottom of the text layer. Select Filter > Liquefaction filter and use the Forward mapping tool of the liquefaction filter to render the image the design shape shown in the following illustration.

Figure 14

That step is a little bit difficult, but as long as you try it can make a better effect. The following is the author of the effect of the map, you can refer to reference.

Figure 15

Step 4

The spray brush is downloaded and installed in Photoshop, and then the arrow shown in the picture below, painting some water droplets around the text, you can use the soft brush to blur the edge to increase the level of water droplets effect.

Figure 16

Add the optional color adjustment layer below to enrich the color of the screen.


Figure 17


Figure 18

Neutral color

Figure 19

The mask of the adjustment layer is made as shown in the following illustration.

Figure 20

Then add the other adjustment layers.

Curve adjustment Layer

Figure 21

The mask settings for the curve adjustment layer are shown in the following illustration.

Figure 22

Adjust the color balance layer, respectively, set the midtones, high light.

Figure 23

Figure 24

Through the previous efforts, we finally do the following luminous liquefaction text effects.

Final effect Diagram

Figure 25

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