PS production of snow and ice words crystal effect

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Final effect Diagram

1, first create a new graphics file. Using the Horizontal Type tool in the toolbox, enter the text "ice" in the screen, as shown in Figure 1, when the system automatically generates a new layer.

Figure 1 Text effects

2, hold down the CTRL key, click on the "layer" palette just get the text layer, load the text selection, the resulting selection (as shown in Figure 2).

Figure 2 Text selections loaded

3. Press Ctrl+e to flatten the layer, merge the text layer and background layer into a layer, click the Select-Deselect command, and the selected selection (as shown in Figure 3).

Figure 3 an inverse selection

4, click the "Filter"-"pixel"-"lattice" command, Pop-up "grid" dialog box, where the parameter settings (as shown in Figure 4).

Figure 4 "Lattice" Filter parameter settings

5, press the Shift+ctrl+i key to select again, click the "Filter"-"blur"-"Gaussian Blur" command, pop-up "Gaussian Blur" dialog box, parameter settings (as shown in Figure 5).

Figure 5 "Gaussian blur" Filter parameter settings

6, click the "image"-"adjust"-"curve" command, Pop-up "curve" dialog box, parameter settings (as shown in Figure 6).

Figure 6 The Curves dialog box

7, press Ctrl+d to remove the selection, click the "image"-"adjust"-"reverse" command or press the Ctrl+i key to reverse the image display, the effect (as shown in Figure 7).

Figure 7 Reversed-phase display effect

8, click the "Filter"-"style"-"Wind" Command, Pop-up "Wind" dialog box parameter settings (Figure 8), as shown in click the OK button, and then click the image-Rotate canvas-90° (counterclockwise) command to rotate the canvas back to its original state, as shown in the wind blowing effect (Figure 9).

Figure 8 "Wind" Filter parameter settings

Figure 9 Effect after using the wind filter

9, click "Image"-"adjust"-"hue/Saturation" command, pop-up "Hue/Saturation" dialog box, where the parameter settings (as shown in Figure 10), click the "OK" button.

Figure 10 "Hue saturation" dialog box

10, click the "select"-"Color Range" command, pop-up "color range" dialog box, parameter settings (as shown in Figure 11), click the "Good" button, get (as shown in Figure 12) the selection.

Figure 11 The Color Range dialog box

Figure 12 The selections obtained

11, click the "select"-"Anti-select" command, Next, follow the filter-art effect-plastic wrap command, pop up the plastic wrap dialog box, the parameter settings (as shown in Figure 13), click the OK button, and then press the CTRL+D key to remove the selection.

Figure 13 "Plastic Packaging" Filter parameter settings

12, click the Brush Tool button in the Toolbox and select the brush shown in Figure 14.

13, in different positions of the screen click the right mouse button, you can change the value of the brush diameter, and then click a few times, the effect (as shown in Figure 15).

Figure 15 Adding a flash effect

14, finally, you can choose a picture as the background, the newly produced snow effect word copied and pasted into the open picture, the layer blending mode set to "color", the production will be completed. The final effect figure (Figure 16) shows.

Figure 16 Effect of changing layer blending mode

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