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Movie picture quality contrast is strong, the main body is prominent, the color is vigorous not gorgeous, looks very comfortable. Like a color dyed in the air.


Film Quality simulation steps: 1. Open a picture in Photoshop. In the Channel Control Panel, select the blue channel, pull down the Image menu using the use of image instructions, select the reverse phase, mixed mode with a multiply, opacity of 50%, confirmed.

2. Choose the green channel, repeat the above operation, just set the opacity to 20%, confirm.

3. Choose the red channel, or use the application image instruction, the blending mode is set to color deepening, other do not set, confirm.

4. Use the color order, change the blue, green, red channel of the Light and the dark part of the level. The main dark part of the green, blue. The middle is yellow. The light part is yellowish.

Blue---20 0.77150 green---27 1.34 232 red---50 1.27255

5. Optional color to weaken the dark part of the cyan.

6. Color balance: This step mainly to the dark part of the green, blue. The middle is red. The light part is yellowish. Available in your own way. Dark red plus 12 in the middle of the blue plus 22 bright red plus 9


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