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Spring has come so long, summer is still far? Memory is not very like summer, sultry and mosquitoes. But summer has a unique summer, sweet watermelon flavor, rich sunshine flavor mixed with sweat taste,

Are you ready for the summer? This post tutorial will give you how PS summer's literary tones.

PS: We still learn ideas, do not learn parameters, the value is just reference Oh!

Post analysis:

Or that sentence, not every hue is suitable for any picture, before and after the shooting of a group of films we should have some ideas, before the film will be filmed in the mind of the formation of

What kind of composition, with what kind of tone, of course, for amateur players will sometimes encounter the location of the irresistible factors (weather. The status of the model, the situation of modelling preparation, etc.)

After the shooting and imagined that there will be differences, so later reengineering is an important and necessary process, master simple and rapid late method is conducive to improve and make up for the lack of shooting.

First step: Copy layer Highlight

Duplicate the layer, using curves or levels to slightly highlight the entire layer of the duplicate layers (it is certainly recommended that you use the tools in the "Create a new fill or adjust layer" under the---layer bar.

This helps preserve the layer from being corrupted.

Step two: Optional color options

Is the most important part of the whole process, but also the process of shaping the overall picture tone, but also the most test operation on the tone of personal understanding and sensitivity, but also through (layer column of the

"Create a new fill or adjust layer" to operate the tool, as shown in the figure.

Step Three: Curve palette

Curve is not only used to improve or reduce the brightness, the directory of Red/green/Blue is a good tool to make up for the last step can not achieve the color effect,

(also use the tool "create a new fill or adjust layer" under the layer bar to operate)

Fourth step: Adjust skin tone

To the last step we are in the overall tone adjustment, will inevitably affect the character's skin color leading to serious distortion, so this step is to the character skin color alone to repair,

(The way I do this is to copy a copy (name "Skin") to restore the layer with color balance and adjust it to black with add layer mask.

Then with the brush tool foreground color white will adjust the skin part slowly smear out, you can restore skin color and the background to distinguish. (as shown in the picture)

Fifth Step: Facial detail adjustment

This step is mainly to the face of the details of the adjustment, mainly: freckle/liquefaction/eyes/lips and so on. Depending on the situation.

Sixth step: Environmental color Construction

This step is also the last one, it is necessary according to the story of the scene and the purpose of the appeal, similar to this small clear, personal habits to add some environmental color light atmosphere contrast.

Create a new layer create a circle selection fill the color block you want-Gaussian blur (parameter)---Color Dodge mode-opaque 50%.

Finally, the whole change in the face zoom zoom in carefully watch also need to modify the details of the section-Finished.

Compare photos:

Here's a hint. If you use the same parameters as me to color your film The result is not necessarily this hue because the negatives are different, here is just a way of communicating,

More operational way to express their understanding of color formation of the film is their own


Effect Chart:

The same late method, more wonderful photos:

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 75789345 welcome you to join

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