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The material picture itself does not have the sunlight, needs to add in later.

Process: First, the picture local lighting, highlight part of a little more warm color, and then overlay the picture to add orange to the upper left corner. Later fine-tuning the dark part and the character color can be. Original artwork Contrast final effect chart:

Original artwork Contrast Final effect chart

Analyze the original image: The photo was taken at about noon, characters in the shade, so the face skin color exposure seriously inadequate, there is light sprinkled on the characters, surrounded by lush green, the following to think about, we adjust the photo when will the characters to lighten up, highlight the environment color, there is light, Let the warm sunlight sprinkle on the person, create, the light is gorgeous fairy-like warm feeling.

Layer Mode Color Filter

First, through the calculation, select the dark part of the photo, Layer mode filter color, the position of the characters with the gradient tool slightly wiped.

Coloring green vegetation

Second, stamped layer, and then a new blank layer, the pattern changed to soft light, with a soft green brush, green vegetation color, highlighting the environment.

Curve Tool Lift Light position

Third, seal the layer again, select the light position with the selection, feather it, and use the curved tool to lighten the position of the light.

Once again, seal the layer, select a suitable gradient to pull out a light, change the layer mode to filter color, and then add a mask to adjust the details.

Select the appropriate gradient to pull out a light

Five, a new black gradient adjustment layer, mode brightness, add contrast, opacity appropriate adjustment, to the ash.

New Black gradient adjustment layer

The curve again highlights the character

Six, stamped layer, the curve again to highlight the characters.

Seven, look at the whole picture, found the location of the trunk, color does not melt into the whole inside, with optional color to the dark part of the picture, the whole picture is warm color, so the dark color should also be the picture of the overall colors in the color ring close to the color, blue purple partial aesthetic, so the dark part of the photo is slightly blue purple.

Coloring the dark part with an optional color

Eight, again with the optional color adjustment of the entire screen color, so that the overall tone unified.

Adjust the color of the entire screen

Grind skin, liquefaction, sharpen

Nine, stamped layer, grinding, liquefaction, sharpening (numerical according to the size of the film control), I believe that these will not have to elaborate, we will, good hand-finished work.

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