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Let's talk about it briefly. Japanese color is now a lot of photographers love the style, the kind of sweet and fresh and lovely feeling on the faces, but also by many young girls love, then today photographer Ahwin (micro-letter: Hanbowen) Examples to explain, the Japanese tone of the late adjustment and ideas, a look at it.

Effect chart

This is a relatively hasty shooting, there is no too many ideas, just want to shoot a group of campus fresh students image, so chose to have a sweet appearance of the model Danny Shoes, but then the palette of the film I did not imagine to be that effect.

Original film

But it doesn't matter, it's important to learn the color palette from this tone.

Shooting link Account

First, it was taken in completely natural light, and the photo was not so well lit that it made the model face heavier, like a sullen old lady, in order to ensure that the white dress was properly exposed.

Use Camera raw color palette

The full version of the Photoshop software, which will contain the palette of raw file designs,--camera Raw, which is similar to another software Lightroom, can help us to set the tone for the photo. In this step, we want to adjust the overall color of the photo to the fresh frame of the Japanese system.

1, basic

This picture of my white balance did not make any adjustments.

Increase the contrast, reduce the "white" represents the highlight of the section, in order to ensure that the exposure, I will make it to the left a large adjustment. "Black" was slightly strengthened.

Sharpness strengthens the edges, makes the photos look more textured, and therefore improves, and the saturation increases more so that it can achieve a more colorful and refreshing style.

2. Details

This part is straightforward, "sharpening" 90.

3, HSL

HSL Adjustment project will be for several major colors, you can more freely increase or decrease the color, adjust hue, brightness. For this photo, I have mainly improved the brightness of "orange". This, of course, is to improve the brightness of the model skin to make up for the weakness of the original model skin, the model will thank you after finishing it.

4. Separate tones

I added some light blue to the highlights, and the shaded part added orange and the overall saturation was 15 higher. The picture is covered with a layer of "candy wrappers" to make the picture more expressive.

5, Shadow

Prominent character is a good way to increase the shadow for the photo, according to the situation adjustment, here my parameters as shown, avoid adding too much, otherwise it will produce strange, scary atmosphere ...

The effect of using Lightroom to color:

Finish the palette into PS.


    • PS Palette Tutorial
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