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Japanese tones reveal elegant, soft, low saturation, bringing quiet and pure perception. Today small compilation teaches everybody how to take a picture simple several steps to become the Japanese department small fresh, the step detailed, must the patience study Oh!

Note: The original film when the white balance as far as possible to use cloudy mode or set a temperature of 6300K, this method is suitable for shallow depth, the main body in the middle of the picture, especially still life shooting the best effect.

Specific steps:

1. Copy Layers

2. Shadow/Highlight, Parameters: Shadow 35%

3. Set foreground and background colors

4. New fill layer, parameters: gradient, Angle-90, reverse, zoom 100

5. Set the fill layer property to soft light, opacity to 80%

6. Copy the fill layer, the Layer property is set to overlay, opacity is 30%

7. New color balance, parameters are as follows:

Shadows:-15,-5, 20

Middle:-30,-10, 5

Highlights: 0,-10, 30

8. New Fill Layer

Parameters are: Radial gradient, Angle 90, zoom 150%, note here with the mouse to click the gradient settings, and then click on the left color block, set the color of the left color is red 230, green 220, Blue 210, the right color marked red 175, green 240, Blue 210, the last set layer properties to multiply the bottom, Opacity 40.

9. New color saturation adjustment layer, set saturation to 15, new graph layer

The parameters are: Blue Channel add node 1 to 65, 75, Node 2 is 170, 160.

10. New levels, parameters are as follows:

11. New channel mixer, parameters are as follows:

12. New brightness adjustment, set brightness to 40:

13. New gradient fill layer, layer property is superimposed, opacity 10% parameter is: radial gradient, angle 90°, foreground color white, background color Black 14. Create a new color, adjust the yellow and neutral colors, and the values are as follows:

15. Finally in the overall light, brightness set to 20. The final effect is coming out.

    • PS Palette Tutorial
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