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Purple hue

The purple hue is a timeless romantic hue, and this tutorial is better suited to a more uniform tone. When you use the color palette, just suck the part you want to color, and then change the colors at will. A bit like the hue/saturation function, the color palette is very fast.

The following pictures are from Pocoer Lingxia's work, "happiness can be heard."

1, open the material, ctrl+j copy a layer of the habit of keeping a good P-diagram. The pattern chooses the soft light, adds the mask for the layer copy, uses the black brush, the opacity in 32% or so, in the picture's bright part and the dark part smear several, prevents the caking (explanation: The soft light effect is strengthens the tonal), the effect as the figure:

2, create a new layer, press Ctrl+shift+alt+e stamped layer, perform color replacement (Image > Adjust > Replace color), and then select the Green section with the eyedropper (note: Color replacement as the name implies is to replace your unwanted color to the color you want), add a mask, Erase unwanted parts, parameters and effects as shown:

3, a new layer, stamped layer, a simple sharpening, and then color balance, parameters and effects such as figure:

4, adjust the channel mixer (green channel), parameters as shown:

5, select the Brush, point window > strokes, such as the following selection of strokes and settings, in the picture to draw a romantic white spots, painted more than the available eraser tool erase

6, the final curve to draw the entire screen, and then build a new layer, in the two bunches of flowers painted purple, blending mode set to filter, as shown:

7, merging layers, the final effect as shown:

Color matching is very particular about personal experience accumulation and beauty. The same picture, each person to pull out the color is different; there are many ways to color, this tutorial is only a reference, the specific operation and some details of the processing, need to slowly understand and explore.

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