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Here are the specific ways to make:

First, a new file in PS, size can be set themselves, I used a 210*360 pixel size file, and the background color set to White (#FFFFFF).

Second, create a new layer, make a string of color square color block, you can use a rectangular selection tool, select a square, fill color, and then move and replace the color, as much as possible with different colors to fill, I made the size of the box 40*40 pixel.

Figure 1

Third, then we select "Create a new fill or adjustment layer", in which select a solid color, in the box appears randomly select a color, click the OK button.

Figure 2

So if you want to make a palette of other colors, just double click on the color-filled layer thumbnail to make the color change.

In the final step, set the opacity of the color fill layer to 80%, and then set the layer overlay mode to color.

Figure 3

In this way, your exclusive palette is made.

Now that you have a cool palette that you can use in authoring, it will better assist you with your work, save the prepared files in GIF format, and you need a better palette to fit on it.

The following is my PSD original file, want to learn friends can download a reference!

    • PS Getting Started Tutorial
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