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In daily life, we often take photos with digital cameras or mobile phones, however, if the light is darker or photographed at night, the general will turn on the flash, when the photos taken out of the face will generally have reflective, and if it is the friend wearing glasses reflective is more obvious, this example PS tutorial will be dealt with in this case, Mainly related to the color of the PS adjustment, channel application and other knowledge points, the need for a friend to try!

Photoshop Tutorial Effect map to remove reflective and reflective lenses and appropriately color

Original image, the face of the photo is reflective, glasses reflective particularly serious, yellow color

1, this tutorial using Photoshop CS5 Production, the other version of the basic general, first in PS open the original image, as shown in the following figure:

2, because to deal with the face, you can use the navigator to enlarge the face properly to facilitate processing, as shown in the following figure:

3. Click to select the rectangular marquee tool in the Common toolbar and set the feather value to 2px in the property bar below the menu bar to make the pulled selection have a transition effect, as shown in the following illustration:

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