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The following is the use of PS, said online is the best simulation method (local (perceptible)) converted to the index color of the effect chart

The following are the effects of the custom index

Here are the steps:

Usually a true color image, its color is usually far more than 256 kinds. To convert it to a GIF that contains only 256 colors, it is only imitated. PS with a variety of color-imitating mechanism, from the following figure, palette of the Drop-down box can see all the way to imitate color. Everyone can try their own results.

For some graphs, when these own color-imitating methods do not seem good enough, then try to customize the.

Choose Customize to have a pop-up dialog box, as follows

This contains all the colors that are included in the converted image, and you can click a color to change it. When you click a color block, the color selector pops up, and you can use the eyedropper to draw directly into the image. After you change the image will add a color, but also reduce the other color, so often do not get the desired effect. The histogram can be used to assist in the adjustment of the distribution information of the pixels of the image.

The above approach seems too complicated. Then come on. Simple, take the local color table.

Look at your image and choose the focus you want to express. (Free lasso). As I do in this picture, I want to show the character's face in a GIF. Here are my practices:

1. Circle character Face

2. Create a new file and drag the selected part to the new file.

3. Image--Pattern---Index

4. Select local (perceptible), this is because the image contains less color, imitation color after the effect is better than the whole picture.

5. Re-select the custom, this is the pop-up box in the color is (locally perceptible) after the color, point to the right side of the store, the color table to save.

6. The new file completes the task and can be deleted. Back to the original layer, directly save as a GIF, in the pop-up dialog box, palette options to choose from, and then load the color table just saved. Make sure it's finished.

can also be loaded by converting to an indexed mode.

Conclusion: Doing so does not increase the number of colors in GIF, but it allows you to keep more of your GIF colors. So you need to focus on your performance before you operate.

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