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The tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to rub the interior beauty and bring down the quiet soft tones, this kind of photo color according to the tone of the picture, is the common style of photo studio, clothing with more freedom, can be a life class sex can also be the type of wedding, also can be used as a type of photo-style adjustment of the characters of the relaxed nature, dignified and generous, Have meaning.

Applicable recommendations: This type of style suitable for different types of photos, can be based on the preferences of the words to color, the majority of colors to elegant red orange-yellow tone, more flexible than the classic gold tone, but also a wide range of adaptation.

Focus of the adjustment and repair

1, Tone: The standard warm color, the screen is softer, the performance of exquisite skills. The light tone is more natural and sweet.

2, Color: The color is mainly sweet and soft.

3, people: This kind of photos require the character body nature, mainly static.

4, Local: Highlights should also have levels can not be very flat gold dark part can not handle the dark one.

5, Texture: Ordinary gold such photos require soft texture, natural light.

6. Attention Matters

The harmony of costumes and props, the natural outpouring of character expression, the treatment of light


Ordinary gold hue

Action instance

1, decorate the background and character, make the overall color tend to unify. Modifies the face and details of a character. You can also do some proper liquefaction. The pursuit of the beauty of character lines. Here I use the channel to grind the skin in concrete steps as shown, this step I create an action, the next time the use of the direct execution of the action can be, especially for this picture, repair and color matching is also on, because the picture belongs to close-up, so the facial features of the modification to more, the characters skin modification of the front and back, found that the skin after grinding also retains the original texture, but a lot of delicate, this is the advantage of the channel grinding.

2, the skin after peeling some of the defects of the individual decoration, the use of imitation stamp, the following figure

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