PS Simple Beautiful transparent textured gem text making tutorial

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Very beautiful transparent texture gem text effect, only need to use the layer style, just set the parameter changes, can make a lot of effect.

Effect Chart:

1. Create a new document, width 600, height 340.

2. Create an adjustment layer, select the gradient, and make the following changes, and create the way your background is displayed:

3. Now use Photoshop's Text tool to create your text, white color. This is the word ' gem ' of the font we are making

4. Double-click the text layer, open the layer style, and set the bevel relief.

5. Then change the text layer fill to 0%

6. Open a suitable texture image in Photoshop. Click and drag this texture image to your file. This is the material we will use in this tutorial.

7. As the texture layer of the image is still selected, press the CTRL key and click the thumbnail of the text. A selection will appear around the text.

8. Now add a layer mask to the texture image layer.

9. Copy the text layer and place it above the texture image layer.

10. Double-click the copied layer, open the layer style, and make the following changes:

11. Copy the copied layer now. Named "New Duplicates" for your convenience.

12. Then double-click the newly copied layer, open the layer style, and make the following changes:

13. Now close the background and gradient fill layers. You will need to do this so that you can easily put all the remaining layers.

14, press CTRL + Shift + ALT + E to stamp to the new layer and open the gradient filled layer of the eye.

15. Change the name of the stamped layer to "gem text" and copy the Gem text layer. Name this as ' text reflection.

Now, select the Ruby text reflection layer, go to edit > Transform > Flip Vertically

Press SHIFT to flip the text down, and it is just below the original text.

16. Now, select the Gradient tool's gem text reflection layer, drag the small line vertically upwards, thus creating the effect as shown in the following figure:

The end result!

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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