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Today this is about retro wacky Style poster design, the main imitation of the 20th century design style, to the age sense, revolutionary sense, woodcut engraving, etc. as the main landing. The author also packed a retro style-specific material, to collect!

  One, the choice of font

For the choice of the font is not too harsh requirements, we can assorted from the photos of the ads font to see, the only requirement for the font is-strokes to coarse!

Of course, the choice of traditional characters can increase the flavor of retro.

  Second, the text decoration

1, color block bottom: a long time ago there is no PS of the era, can add to the text of the modification is not much, for the text added a simple color block bottom, is the most commonly used in that era of the word decoration skills. It is recommended that you use a color block without rounded corners.

2, italic character: Now it seems that the low explosive italic at that time even if not the trend, but also full street visible.

3, Arc Word: first with the pen tool to draw a circular arc, and then use the Text tool in the arc on the click, you can enter the arc text. You need to adjust the CTRL key to adjust with the mouse ~ we go groping.

4, the word order: You can try to use right-to-left or from top to bottom text order to increase the sense of age, but not recommended in large text (posters should not exist in large text).

5, woodcut print style: In the retro funny posters in most of the pictures are woodcut style, text can also be used pen tool, outline a number of irregular polygons (three or four-side shape) to increase the text of the woodcut print sense. As before the very fire of a set of descriptions of the designer's bitter force picture.

  Three, the mottled texture

This is very important to create a sense of age skills, take the cover to say it, there is no sense of mottled feel is completely different ~ Mottled brush I have given everyone ready:

Use the method is very simple, give you want to add mottled layer to add a mask (if it is a lot of layers can first play group, then add a mask), and then with black mottled brush, adjust the size of the direct printing can be. If you feel mottled too much, you can use a white brush on the mask to erase the modification, very convenient.

  Four, the use of retro elements

Retro-styled posters, which include expert's radiation, pentagram, ribbons and retro tags, are used in a number of vintage styles.

The following is a simple method of making radiation.

Here is the retro label, which can be used to host the main title of the entire poster, or to make small modifications.

I really like this thing, so I took a breath in the morning to do 10 tags, here to provide psd for everyone to download to use or see the practice (non-vector):

  Five, retro color

In retro funny poster design, color matching is very important.

Commonly used colors are red, blue, beige, light yellow. I recommend a choice of color insurance method, is on the internet to find the color of your favorite retro poster, from which to draw a color to design your poster.

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