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People often say that youth does not leave White. Here we use it as a slightly more partial explanation to remind you of the photos that record your youthful memories.

And often those yellow photos, will give people another unforgettable feeling. The author of this arrangement of content, is called you a small skill, to make this "yellow memory."

Many "art" group photos, like the use of some of the effect of yellow, to create a nostalgic, memories of the atmosphere. Applied in the portrait aspect effect, is not the monochromatic yellow tone,

In particular, some young portrait photos, but also should retain some of the original color, lest too rigid. This kind of effect is relatively simple, please refer to the following process.

Effect Comparison chart:

First, run PS (Photoshop) and open the original picture.

Then, we'll duplicate a layer. Keep in mind that this step is very important.

Next, we select "Menu--> image--> adjust--> to Color" in the Photoshop toolbar (or drag the saturation to the most light).

After that, we'll adjust the color balance of the picture. The specific way is: The blue to the lowest, and then increase the red, in order to achieve their favorite yellow tone effect.

The second is to adjust the transparency of the layer. Here we can restore some of the original colors according to our personal preferences. By this step, the effect of the adjustment even if the basic completion.

Finally, we can also according to their own sense of difference, adjust the curve, to carry out some basic effect of processing, in order to achieve the most satisfactory results for us.

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