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Generally in the sun shooting out of the pictures are mostly warm colors, in order to add fun to the picture, this tutorial is to teach you a few steps to ease the picture into a cold color, to give you the film for a change of atmosphere, change the way of expression!

After the original artwork adjusted

1. Open the material map, adjust the foreground color in the toolbar is set to black, the background color is white, then add a gradient map, adjust the layer transparency to 50% or so to operate the following figure

The adjustment of the transparency is mainly based on the needs of the picture, because each picture is different, so no specific data is given here. The effect after adjustment is:

The purpose of this step is to reduce the warm part, in fact, this effect has been a bit close to the Japanese tune! OK, let's go to the next step.

2. The same as the previous mapping the same button to select a solid color, and then fill the blue, where the blue can not choose too deep blue, the following figure to choose a light blue on it, if the latter feel enough can be added!

After you select the blue fill, you will see the screen filled with blue

Then, as the above image to choose a darker color, our picture is basically finished, and finally as long as the curve and color adjustment of the overall picture can be.

(Picture selected from the seadistrict of the "Sunset Wet")

Do not just look at it, quickly choose a picture to open PS Follow the practice to see it! and depending on the above method to choose the different effects of color will also vary, you can try to extrapolate, find your small hue.

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