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The soft, dreamy color of the wedding film has never lacked the appreciation of the fans and advocates, they are soft and elegant color, easy to create a sweet breath and romantic atmosphere. However, this soft color, in the early stage of the shooting is almost impossible to appear perfectly, it requires the late adjustment of the steps of the fine carving, "polished" the attractive color. This article is specially aimed at the most popular soft tones in the season, the selected method of distance analysis tones and specific lieu steps for reference.


Original Slice Analysis:

The original piece overall tone is gray, the character skin color is darker yellow, need to highlight and adjust the color of the picture, prominent personage cool. A soft face.

Hue selected:

Want to create a soft tone with spring breath, according to the original piece of color information, choose the color of the clothing as the main hue, and to lighten and soften the treatment, the final adjustment into soft light clear swatch color.

Adjustment steps:

First step: Photo Refinement and liquefaction.

The second step: the refined repair of the photos into lab mode, in the channel area, select the Brightness channel and copy the Brightness channel, and then go to RGB mode, paste the copied brightness channel. The opacity is changed to 50%, creating a layer mask to wipe out the colors of the original mouth red, blush, hair and accessories.

Step Three: Color balance/Choose Shadow/Gallan 19, then select High Light/minus yellow 4.

Fourth step: color Balance/Selection Shadow/Gallan 6, midtones/Gatzing 5/minus Yellow 5, high light/blue 9/minus Magenta 3.

Fifth step: Overall brightness/contrast, brightness plus 3.

Sixth step: The whole adds "7b97ff" solid color, the pattern is superimposed, the opacity is 6%.

Seventh Step: Add the yellow filter, the concentration is 14.

Eighth Step: Color balance/Highlight/blue 1/Plus green 3.

The Nineth step: will be the color of the headdress to reduce the light, so that the overall color uniformity, the final overall light.

Finally, look at the effect.

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