PS Special effects design to create super glare fashion magic effects

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In order to let everyone see clearly, with a dark background paved in the back, as long as no black on the line, preferably a little color, so that the light can be part of the play, the final effect of the picture.

1, the first is to draw a desired shape, this shape is arbitrary. As long as it looks like you want to do the effect on the line. This step is also to use the path to do. Easy to modify later. The fill of a path is better than a selection fill at any time. At present, this shape of the author is a modified oval.

2, look at the approximate path.

3, then copy the freshly painted part of a layer, filled into black, and then merge it into an empty layer. Deletes a path property to make it easier to erase the shadow of the transition with the eraser tool. The purpose of this step is to depict the general direction of the newly completed shape, and the previous coloring tutorials have said that shadows and light are important means of expressing the object's icing on the surface. A bit like a sketch of the "tone".

4, wipe out the approximate part, keep light think not to the place.

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