PS synthesis to create a dream of "Flower thousand Bones" stills poster

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Editor's note: Recent Hunan TV hit drama "Flower Thousand Bone" is very hot, every colleague pays attention to this hit drama, "Flower thousand Bone" The picture is beautiful, the scene is magnificent, uses the movie lens The shooting technique, the story plot ups and downs, harmonizing, therefore today @huagangren here shows a "Flower Thousand Bones" Poster stills, for everyone to enjoy the next.

  Step One

Create a new document, shortcut key (CTRL + N), and the values are as follows:

  Step Two

We have to create a background, to collect some of the Chinese wind of the material map, keyword can search the classical, dreamy, landscape and other key words, and then to Polish, create a martial arts fairyland feeling.

Use the Pen tool to pull out the characters, and then add color balance, optional color palette layer, so that its initial and background integration, this step does not have to do particularly fine, because we will do more specific adjustments in the back.

Color balance adjustment group. (values can be determined by themselves, or by the author's slider, not necessarily identical)

An optional color adjustment group.

Because the main light source in the character's upper right, so in the character's light need to deal with, define the next light source, strengthen the character of the dark and dark relationship. Create a new "m-a" layer above the PEOPLE1 layer, right-click on the layer selection creates a clipping mask, nest into the people1 layer, and the layer mode is soft light mode.

Select the Brush tool, the brush color is #2e2e2e, and then create a new "M-A2" layer, right-click the layer selection creates a clipping mask, select the Brush tool, and the brush color is #ffffff.


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