PS Synthetic hand with saber Valiant female warrior effect chart

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 PS Synthetic hand with saber Valiant female warrior effect chart

The effect chart is divided into two parts: the characters and backgrounds, the background part needs to render the flame effect in the war, the material used is more, the character part also needs to refine the processing, the author has added the elegant hair and the cloak, the partial also did some simple synthesis.

Final effect

1, in the PS open the background picture, because the background picture contrast is low, adjusts this, on the level board clicks creates "the new fills or adjusts the layer" the button, selects "The Color scale".

2, and then adjust the color levels.

3, we create a new layer, on the new layer, with the Stamp tool, select some softer brushes, and set the opacity 100% to achieve the cover of some unnecessary tree house and other effects. To pay attention to the use of the stamp tool, there are selected areas to cover not the tree house and so on, not a wide range of use, resulting in this graphic like smear the same uncomfortable feeling. Watch for the correct and wrong illustrations in the picture.

4, open the picture of the sky in the material, and drag him to the top of the background image. On the layers panel, set the sky picture to multiply, and the opacity set to 70%, and then you can see the bottom of the two layer and there are some adjustments to the floor.

5, first with the eraser tool to erase parts of the sky do not need to wipe carefully, and then want to better realize the sky and the background of the fusion, using layer Mask tool.

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