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Final effect:

Create a new 500*500 canvas and press U to draw a 200*200 circle with an elliptical tool (color free)

The path selection tool selects the circle that is painted well. Ctrl+c,ctrl+v Copy this circle on the same layer

Ctrl+t reduce the time to hold down the shift+alt, the same proportion to reduce (size of their own look appropriate on the line)

As shown in the figure. Cut it off.

Merge into one shape.

Add a layer style gradient overlay angle is 120 degrees (color value with a straw suction I take a screenshot of the color on the line)

Cut a small circle to the left with the method just said.

Add a layer style a linear gradient overlay of 90° ~

Put the little circle in the middle.

Ctrl+j Copy the outer circle, right-click to clear the layer style

Fill Color A5daff

Add a mask, pull a black to white gradient, pull out such an effect, if you do not pull out the effect of the brush to adjust the transparency slowly rub.

Overlay to the circle above, the add mask of this circle downward to the right each pixel, so that the overall three-dimensional

OK, let's draw a cloud. Press the U-ellipse tool and the rectangular tool to draw as shown in the following illustration. Remember that each shape must be a separate layer

Press the P Pen tool to check out this shape.

This time the clouds fill white, first casually copy a circle, add mask fill color (color value a5daff) in accordance with the method just wipe or add gradient pull. To erase a shape like a figure

Overlay to the original circle above, the other two circles also follow as above, copy add mask to rub out.

The pen hooks out the shape and also adds a mask rub.

Tick the shape with a pen, add a mask rub, and use a pen to follow the inner hook on the circle.

When you hook it up, put it inside this position.

Create a new layer, draw the shape with a pen along the circle, and stroke white. Or add a mask, slightly wipe both ends.

Put it in this position.

The tutorial is basically over here. Try to make a shadow of the light and so on, the details of their own under the control.

Attach the final copy of the effect map again

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