PS teach you to pull out a strong film tone effect

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Image original film from the network, this photo of the original film looks no color impact, a look is not very visible, let us change it!!!! Don't crap, study ~!

Effect Chart:


1. Pull into the material sky clouds, ctrl+t pull large pictures to the appropriate location, the toolbar to choose the "eraser tool" transparency 30, wipe out the face of the character in the top place should not have a cloud place (get as Figure 1 red circle out part)

Finally get effect Layer 2.

2. Select "Image"--adjust--color balance in the menu bar. In turn, the high shading, midtones, and high light adjustment, the specific parameters such as the right image of the effect Figure 3.

3. Menu bar (description is the toolbar) select "Image"--adjust--optional color options, in turn, white, green, yellow, neutral color adjustments, specific parameters such as the right figure,

Get the effect Figure 4.

4. Menu bar Select "Image"--adjustment--curve tool to pull black effect on the image as above, to the mask is too black with a black brush tool erase, and finally get effect Figure 5,

The red section is a curved mask erase section.

5. Create a new layer shift+n, then ctrl+shift+alt+e the stamped layer, CTRL+J copy a layer, perform the filter-blur-Gaussian blur parameter is 9 (effect Figure 6),

Select the blending mode for layer 6 to "soft light" and finally get the effect Figure 7.

6. Perform ctrl+h hue/saturation Select yellow (parameters such as the upper right corner chart) and then determine, perform ctrl+b color balance, Shadow, midtones adjustment (parameters such as above), get effect Figure 8.

7. Add mixed light to the picture, color as above, this can be painted with a soft color brush, the color time AH grasp the bad words directly with the straw tool in my here to draw it, drawing good light, choose the blending mode for "soft light."

The final color of the two steps, select the menu "image"--adjust--color balance (parameters such as the lower right corner), select the menu "image"--adjust--optional color (parameters such as the lower right corner) to get effect Figure 9.

8. Execute Menu "Filter"--noise--add noise parameter to 4, then add two chart Pingbian to the photo, and use the rectangular marquee tool to draw the selection box to fill the black, and finally add the word on the OK,

Fonts can be on their own online, get the final effect of the picture.

Final Effect Chart!

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