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Final effect Diagram

1, new Create a 640*480, resolution 72DPI,RGB mode, white background document, and then use the type tool input text, feel unsuitable can press ctrl+t resize, I choose the English font is "Impact". The effect is as follows.

2, then select Menu "Layer" > "delete" > "text". Then press CTRL-click the text layer to load the selection, and then perform the Select > Load selections to directly click the button in the window that appears. This allows you to switch to the channel panel with an extra alpha 1 channel. Press the Ctrl+d key to cancel the selection.

3, then go back to the layer panel, press SHIFT+F5 directly to fill.

4, then execute the Gaussian blur filter, the fuzzy radius is set to 4 pixels. Then perform "filter" > "Styling" > "overexposed" with the following effect:

5, press Ctrl+l adjust the color level, make the white edge lighten.

6, press ctrl+j copy text layer. Perform "filter" > "Twist" > "Polar coordinates", setting the parameter to "polar coordinates to plane coordinates", the effect is as follows.

7, then rotate the canvas clockwise 90 degrees. Press Ctrl+i to reverse, and then execute the wind filter, set as follows.

8, then press ctrl+f two times to repeat the application of the wind filter. Press Ctrl+i to reverse, and then press CTRL+F again three times to apply the wind filter again. Rotate the canvas 90 degrees counterclockwise again and perform the polar coordinates filter again. The setting parameter is "plane coordinates to polar coordinates", the effect is as follows.

9, set the pattern of the layer is "filter color", the effect is as follows.

10. Finally, we can paint the light again. How do you do that? Add a gradient adjustment layer and set the gradient color from red to yellow.

11, change the layer mode to color, the effect is as follows.

Final effect Diagram

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