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  1, create a new canvas size: 640*1136, and then save, named as: 5S Effect chart template

  2, and then create a new canvas, named as: Effect map show

  2, and then create a new canvas, named as: Effect map show

The size is random, can be bigger, oneself see the situation.

3, will just save the 5S Effect Diagram template. PSD dragged onto this canvas.

The ctrl+t transforms to the appropriate size and tilts to the appropriate perspective effect.

4, and then double-click the "5S Effect Diagram template" this layer.

This is the benefit of smart objects.

After jumping to this screen

Drag into the interface you want to do:

Pictures from Dribbble:dribbble–gif for the Timeline App by Sergey Valiukh

Then Save: Command (CTRL) + S, close: Command (CTRL) + W

 5, back to this display page

Note: Here's a step in the way to drag the layer you just saved. Students should know all about it –-

To copy a layer:

Option (ALT) + left mouse button drag layer down, or command (Ctrl) +j, select a layer below, double-click the layer into the layer style, choose bevel and Emboss, set the parameters:

The parameter adjusts itself, in which, the shadow angle 45° may adjust according to the circumstance by the light, the shadow pattern transparency is free, oneself looks the situation to adjust.

6, then, from the second layer, start to copy the layer continuously, each copy of a layer below the previous layer, each copy of a layer down one pixel, press and hold option (ALT) + The left mouse button drag layer down, you can use the keyboard to control the lower button.

Then, set a projection on the last layer

Then, set a projection on the last layer, and the parameter resolves itself.

Finally adjust the overall environment.


The advantage of this is the use of smart objects, which allows you to display the interface can be replaced at will.

If you want to show the effect of multiple interfaces, as long as more drag into the PSD, and then the plane line up, unified adjustment perspective effect.

Of course there are a lot of ways to behave.

For example, you can also build a large canvas, draw a rectangular size of 640x1136, and then turn into a smart object, and then double-click the Smart object, into the adjustment.

Attached @ is the rising students of the method, the principle of the same, the details of the processing more rich.

An effect has tens of millions of ways to achieve, here only provide a simple idea, with PS pure do.

 First, Twist & rotate

Import the interface map, then edit-twist, rotate, and do the following:

  Second, the thickness of the production

This step is most critical, select the interface layer, [ctrl+alt+t], and then click the Direction key [↑], and then press ENTER. This duplicates a layer, and the new layer moves up one pixel above the original base.

Come on, Crazy Press [Ctrl+alt+shift+t], this is the previous transformation operation, so that many layers will be copied, each one on the basis of the previous move up a pixel. So as to make the thickness effect.

Third, change the brightness

Keep the topmost layer, and merge all other layers of the interface into one layer, named thickness.

Then select the thickness layer and use the rectangular marquee tool +[image-adjust-brightness contrast to reduce brightness 20 and 50 respectively for the left and right sides of the thickness.

 Four, Shadow

Copy [app] layer, change layer order to [thickness] below, then use [Gaussian blur]+ color overlay to Black + change opacity to 30%. Completed!

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