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Today's tutorial is not very difficult, to investigate the use of pen tools and the sensitivity of the gradient color, to get practicing to strengthen the foundation is very appropriate, and the completion of the effect is very beautiful, the material has been packaged, Mark remember to learn.

Let's get a final picture:

 Warm-up exercises

1. Using the Ellipse tool, select the path option, hold down the SHIFT key and draw a circular diameter of 320px.

2. Select the Brush tool, bring up the Brush panel (F5), set the parameters.

Create a new layer, keep the brush tool selected, press Alt+enter, stroke fill succeeded.

3. Select the direct Selection tool (A) and click on the path between the two anchor points to delete. Then create a new layer and fill the path with a darker color.

4. Select the Pen tool (P) and add two anchor points to the path, as shown in the figure.

Use the direct selection tool to delete the two anchor points at both ends of the path, and then create a new layer to fill the stroke with a deeper color, as shown below.

5. Follow the steps above to continue adding anchor points-delete anchor points-fill strokes to achieve the following effects.

Officially started

1. Create a new layer 1600*1200px with the background set to #392354-#593b70的渐变.

Use the Oval tool to draw a circle, 200px, and go to the path panel to copy this path.

Then we're going to do a letter C, use the Pen tool to add two anchor points to the path "round copy", and then remove the path between the highlights, as follows.

Using a brush of size 80px, create a new layer to fill this path, as follows.

Select the path "Circle", copy and pan to the right, and it becomes a letter "O".

Creates a new layer and fills the stroke.

Copy the letter "O".

Then draw the letter "L" and note that the height is the same as the diameter of the circle.

2. The next step is to process each letter, and the steps refer to preparation work. Be careful not to forget to create a new layer and then fill the stroke with the path. When processing a path, do not forget to copy one, because you will later use the original path.

Then add the color. Select the "C" layer, add the layer style, and the gradient color value is #ff0096-#c20049.

Then add an effect to each layer in turn. The color values start at Layer 2, respectively:

Layer 2: #ffd200-#e900ba

Layer 3: #4a6d00-#b1d603

Layer 4: #4a6d00-#eaf900

Layer 5: #00dbef-#c8db00

Create a new layer under layers 2, 3, 4, 5, with a soft black brush plus a projection effect, with an opacity of 50%.

Select the path of the letter C, narrow it down slightly, create a new layer, and fill the path with a 40px brush. Add a gradient effect, the color value is #fb3a7e-#442b5d, and then put the second layer on the upper number.

Continue narrowing the path, and then create a new layer-fill stroke-Add a gradient (the color value is #e80079-#ff6481), and the brush size is 20px.

Then place the first scaled figure below the second normal layer, and then add a projection to the two smaller shapes.

So the letter C is done, there are three letters, come on!

3. You can do it in the shape of the tutorial, or you can design it yourself. Use the same gradient value as C to keep the color uniform.

Step ditto, no longer repeat.

Here the author is very willful, he does not like the top of the small half circle, then delete it.

Next is the second O.

And then there's the simplest L.

4. Finally finished four letters. The next step is to adjust the four-letter position and angle using the free transform tool, as shown below.

Next, add a high light to the letter. Add a shorter path, fill the 15px white stroke and add a white dot.

Add high light to other letters, you can adjust some of the high light to overlay, and reduce the opacity, the effect is as follows.

5. Add some decorative line lines around the letters, using the same gradient as the text. The easy way is to select the desired gradient layer, right-copy the layer style, then click on the new layer, right-paste the layer style.

6. The foreground color is set to #754a9, select the Polygon tool, select the shape (this is not the path), the Edge is 3, Shanping the corner, add some rounded triangles around the text.

Change the foreground color to white and use the Oval tool to add large and small circles around the text.

Set these circles, padding to 0, and apply the following layer styles.

Then add the Gaussian blur of 2.6px to these circles.

7. The next step is the background.

Create a new layer above the background layer, using a large, soft brush with a color value of #ff02ea, and apply it to the bottom of the text.

Change the blending mode to soft light.

Use a small black soft brush to add shadow effects to the text.

Change the blending mode to soft light.

7. Create a new layer above all the background layers, click D, change the background color to the default black and white, ① filter-render-Cloud, ② Filter-noise-add noise, as shown below, ③ filter-blur-Gaussian blur, as shown. The blending mode is then changed to color depth and opacity is 20%.

7. Select the Rectangle tool, draw a square, rotate 45 degrees. Select the direct Selection tool, press ALT + SHIFT to drag the mouse, and copy a new square in parallel. Then continue copying to achieve the following effect.

7. Then add some embellishment to the flowers, and add a projection to them, can also slightly add a blur effect. Flower Material:

7. The final step. Create a new layer at the top, the foreground color is black, select the Gradient tool, select the foreground to transparent gradient, radial gradient, reverse, and then pull the gradient from the center of the canvas to the edge, blending mode to soft light.

Congratulations, you're done!

For you to hold on, CLAP!!!

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