PS teaches you to create a seamless diamond woven texture

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Effect Chart:

This is the color lookup function after the display diagram:

Create a new file and set its size to 210 pixels x414 pixels

Ctrl+r, pull up your ruler tool. Right-click on the top ruler select units as pixels

To enlarge the canvas to around 800%, select the rectangular marquee tool, draw a rectangular selection, rectangular position (99,0) to (108,3), fill color #92c6de

Move a rectangular selection, move 3 pixels to the right, move 6 pixels up, and continue to fill the light blue #92c6de

To repeat this step, we will get a light blue sawtooth line, as shown below:

Copy this sawtooth line, flip horizontally, and arrange as follows:

Merge the two jagged lines and duplicate one layer, flip vertically, and arrange as follows:

Merge all jagged lines, use the Lasso tool to select the selection within the Sawtooth line, fill the light blue #92c6de, and rename the layer to "diamond", the effect is as follows:

Copy the "Diamond" layer and place it on the lower right side of the opposite, arranged as follows:

Then copy the "Diamond" layer, place it on the bottom left and right, and change the fill color to #5b6589, as shown below:

To enlarge the canvas to 3,200%, use the Pencil tool to draw the following shape with a 1-pixel pencil, with a color of #5a7d9b

Load the selection of this graphic, move right 3 pixels, move up 6 pixels, and repeat the fill

Copy this line, place it on top left and right, and merge line layers

Copy line layers, flip horizontally, and arrange as follows:


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