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Final effect

First, create a new 1000*1000px canvas and put the background material in.

The snow of the material is not suitable for our effect, so we need to draw a snow.

First draw a white rectangle, aligned with the bottom of the canvas. But the normal snow edge is not a straight line, there should be a slight radian, so first use the Direct Selection tool (shortcut a) to select the path of the rectangle, and then add two anchor points, a little bit of radian out.

This step can also be directly ticked with a pen.

Then add the layer style to the shape you just checked.

The background is done, and then the icon begins to masturbate.

Create a clipping mask by creating a new 512*512, rounded corners 90px rounded rectangle, centered horizontally and vertically with the canvas, and then dragging the snowman material in, holding down ALT and clicking between the Snowman layer and the rounded rectangle layer.

Then add an inner glow to the rounded rectangle

But the bottom of the icon should not be such a light, so we need to separate the inner glow, and then erase the unwanted effect with the mask.

Back to the Layers panel, right click on "Glow" and select "Create Layer"

The inner glow effect is separated into a separate layer, then the mask is created and the bottom glow is erased.

Then go back to the rounded rectangle and continue adding the layer style

Almost already has the crystal clear feeling, next does the pattern.

Put a pattern that you like and make a layer style for this pattern.

When the pattern is superimposed, if there is no suitable texture inside the pattern, you can click on the right gear and select "Rock pattern" to append the pattern.

And then it should be this way:

Then do some small action to enhance the effect of this pattern ~

Add a mask, and then use the Polygon Lasso tool to make a cut selection and fill the black.

Repeat the steps, make a few more cuts, and get this look.

Although the effect is done, but this pattern feels a bit awkward, but also need to add a projection.

Ctrl+j copy a specially-added layer and move underneath the original layer. Clears the layer style of the copied layer and adds a drop shadow.

The overall effect is already there, but still a little dead. Try a high light on the upper right corner.

Draw a white circle, slightly larger; give a bit of Gaussian blur, blur radius is too small, and then reduce the transparency. Then use the same method to do one more, this time the circle should be smaller, fuzzy low, a little more transparent. If the effect is not good can add another layer. And get this look:

Then do the projections on the snow.

Create a group with all the icons-related layers (other than the background and snow layers), ctrl+alt+e the group, get a merged layer, flip the ctrl+t vertically, and move to the appropriate location.

Add a mask, pull the black and white gradient, move the layer order.

Then make a shadow with the way you just did the high light.

Ben came here should be able to end, but I found that the background of the tonal and the icon some do not match, ctrl+m adjust the curve.

Final effect:

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