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One, choose the picture

First of all, go to the major sites to search for your favorite pictures, the choice of pictures should be as far as possible to choose tonal changes and contrast is more obvious. Because Black-and-white or low contrast tones will only make your final color scheme look sharp enough.

Choose from a picture that attracts your color.

 Second, the absorption of color

Open the picture in PS and draw the color. Absorb color is not arbitrary choose their favorite color can, according to the color distribution of the whole picture, first find the main color of the picture.

Selection and use of main tones

The selection of the main hue is based on one of the most widely distributed colors in the image, in this picture, we can see that the most widely distributed blue, these blue shows the different shades of light and shade, so, in deep blue to light blue, I chose the most balanced transition of a moderate gray blue. This blue color in the picture is a cloud of clouds and lakes.

  Third, the establishment of their own color scheme

Choose to create a new file, a white background, a picture of the color selected as the foreground to draw a circle. This circle is the first color in your color scheme: the main hue.

  The application range of the main hue

When designing a Web page, the main hue is used in areas where the entire page has a larger color area, such as for a Web page background or shape element. Of course, a color can not be designed, so next we will choose the second color.

  Selection of auxiliary colors

Auxiliary color is usually a foil, can produce echoes with the color, if the main color is a cold tone, then auxiliary color is biased to a warm tone. Because a color-rich picture must have two tendencies of color, so you will be in the main hue of the other opposite color temperature hue on the choice.

Here I chose the red roof of the warm orange, and the blue cold feeling was balanced.

 Application range of the auxiliary color

Secondary colors are often used in the design of a Web page for fonts, small areas of elements. If the auxiliary color and the main color form a complementary color will produce a strong contrast, then the contrast color will have the emphasis. When you want to highlight an element in the page, you can try to highlight the color.

So what is the contrasting color? The color that is exactly relative to the color ring, for example: red and green, purple and orange, blue and yellow.

If you think you choose the auxiliary color accent is not strong enough, you can also on the main color basis, from the color ring to choose the main color contrast color, as the third color scheme.

  Highlights and Shadows

This usually refers to the high light and shaded parts that the main hue displays on the picture. At this time, there is no need to rely entirely on the picture. We have already chosen three colors in our color scheme, and the rest of the color changes on the basis of the main hue.

The main hue increases white and becomes the high light part, as the fourth color.

If your design color preference, then you can add black to the main hue, as the fifth color selection.

Highlight and shadow color in the Web page also as a modified color selection, careful use. Highlights and shadow colors can be selected as neutral colors. Because the color is rich in black and white, there are so many choices. This requires you to adjust the final color scheme according to the actual situation.

  Determine the color scheme

Color scheme after selection, it is best to ensure that the overall color must not exceed 3 colors: primary color, auxiliary color, highlight/shadow color.

Even three colors, but the hue does not deviate from the overall blue tone.

 The application of color scheme

In the use of color, there will be the use of black and white Gray, but to ensure that the appearance of these colors will not interfere with the overall picture of the harmonious sense of color (left).

Most of the time, we may not want pure white as our background tone. To make the whole look elegant, it is essential to add a little transparency to the background of the main hue (right).

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