PS teaches you to create surrealist works: trees that grow on your body

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New 1000*1000 pixel background layer, open sky Graph, M selection Tool Select Sky Part, v Move tool to background layer.

New layer, G gradient tool pull a gradient, layer mode to soft light, transparency 100% adjust sky brightness.

Creates a new hue saturation adjustment. So the background is done!

Open the character picture and move to the background layer.

Will not pull the picture of the students hurriedly look: "From rookie to master!" Photoshop pull the map of the all-round introduction

Create a new graph layer and adjust to the character light and shade:

Create a new color balance.

Open the soil map, the M selection section, and move to the neck after the mask, with a number 24th brush erase.

New layer, Layer mode overlay.

Wipe with a white brush to adjust the intensity of the soil.

Open the tree, pull the map, move to the neck position, add mask wipe.

Create a new color balance, and then use the brush to erase the trunk section.

Like the 7 and 8 steps above, create a new layer, overlay the layer pattern, and draw the shade of the tree.

Copy a few leaves from the tree, transform, deform.

New graph layer, adjust.

Open the ladder picture, pull the map, move, add the mask to wipe.

Create a new hue saturation and change the color of the ladder.

Create a new graph layer and adjust the ladder brightness with a black brush.

Open the picture of the house, pull out the house on top of the tree, add the mask to wipe.

New hue saturation, change the color of the house.

Create a new graph layer, with a black brush to adjust the house brightness.

Create a new layer use C6D6BD to brush out the darkness on the front of the house. Layer mode: Multiply bottom 100%

The same new layer, with a brush to wipe out the house brightness, layer mode: soft light 100%

Turn on the flowers and move them to the tree by copying and transforming them.

Create a new group of flowers, move the flowers all to the group, create a new color balance, a curve, and an optional color setting. Use a black brush to erase the intensity of the light.

Or pull the picture, move the hummingbird to the background, create a new curve, and set the color balance. The last black brush draws the part of the Hummingbird wing.

Open seedlings pictures, pull out different leaves, the transformation spread in the picture.

In front of the larger 3 leaves, all through the filter-Gaussian blur-3 pixels.

Here, create a new graph layer, adjust the shade of the leaves through the curve.

The last step, create a new gradient map, color 133c54 and E3E2C2. Layer mode: Soft light 100%, it's done!

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