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Shooting static pictures These days does not seem to be enough to satisfy photography enthusiasts. They wanted more novelty and more creative photography, so their brain holes opened and they played with time-lapse photography and micro-motion photography. Time-lapse photography We see more, is the use of camera interval shooting function, a period of time in the reality of the changes to condensed into a video, so that the viewer in a short period of time to experience the changes in the human things. and micro-motion photography is the simplest game we will teach you today.

  One, what scene can play the micro-motion photography?

Let's start by introducing what is micro-motion photography. Micro-motion photography, the English name is cinemagraph, you can see that this English name is a combination of cinema+graph, meaning for cinema-style images, or imaging to watch the movie to see the moving image. The author initially saw the micro-motion photography, is quietly looking at the part of the figure will move the object, to feel this "will move" "Static Diagram" to express the storyline.

Excellent micro-motion photography in foreign countries (i.)

Excellent micro-motion photography in foreign countries (II.)

Micro-motion photography attracts people because it is not only a part of the "fretting" that attracts your attention, but also the inner world of the author who wants to express the image. From the first time you see this picture, you will be attracted to the local movement, and then you want to see it has been repeated movements, and then contact the entire picture to associate the author's creative intent, is a very Zen thing. Before we understand the micro-motion photography, we must first learn to appreciate and taste it.

Excellent micro-motion photography in foreign countries (III.)

Excellent micro-motion photography in foreign countries (IV.)

So before we start to learn how to create micro-motion photography, we have to know what kind of subject can play micro-photography. According to my humble opinion, because is the final generation of a permanent cycle of GIF, according to the local cycle can be roughly divided into three categories: the first is the hair or clothing by the wind (swing) can be infinite circulation, the second is gas atomization, water droplets produce ripples can be infinite circulation, the third is solid-state objects to a cycle can be infinite cycle.

Pictures from the photography tribe

In thinking, we should create the time from the opposite direction of the point of view. For example, if the character does not move and the curtain or the lake is moving, it does not show the intention of "the world is still for me" in accordance with the great laws of nature. It seems so complicated. Don't panic, we will use the strength to explain this simple and novel micro-motion photography in detail.

Second, simple steps to achieve micro-motion photography

The principle of micro-motion photography is very simple, the production of micro-motion photography only need to get a video through the camera, and then use Photoshop to make the local moving place permanently exposed, and then generate an infinite loop of GIF animated picture. So the first time to prepare Kung fu is that a video can be filmed equipment (mobile phone can also be a SLR can also), must be able to fix accessories (tripod or desktop can). Of course, a computer with Photoshop software is also a must, and the decoding tool (QuickTime) is best installed.

After you've prepared your equipment, start thinking about what kind of micro-motion photography you want to do. Despite the open mind to bold imagination, to meet two conditions can: one is you want to shoot the infinite movement of the things must not be hidden by foreign objects or light, the two are you have to be in the heart of the rest of the world how the most perfect show. Here I use a video example for everyone to show. First look at the final piece.

The length of the video is not too long, as long as the video shows a cycle of the animal body can be. After that we used Photoshop to import the video, where I used the CS4 version.

After you import the video, you will typically be asked to intercept the clips. Because Photoshop imports a layer, if your video is 60fps, a second must have 60 layers, 10 seconds will have 600 layers, without intercepting all the import will be very scary. Therefore only need to capture the video the animal body to appear the complete cycle section to be possible. Press the SHIFT key at the point of interception.

After the full import, play the video preview again, we want the most satisfied with the "rest of the world" of this frame extraction, drag to the top of the layer board, and click Small eyes to make all layers visible. The author's example is just the first frame is two-bit mm in the walk of the screen, can be used as a static frame. Then add a mask to the layer.

The principle of the mask you all know that white is the full display of the selected area, black is completely hide the selected area, Gray is the semi-transparent selected area. Here we only need to dig a "hole" for the moving object, so that the screen only moves. Select the brush, use black, and apply all the places you think you want to move.

After the smear is finished, the micro-motion photography is basically formed. Or the old saying, early kung fu to do enough, later relaxed comfortable. In the end, we can store the animated GIF diagram. Ah, no, it's a static diagram. In many sets of attempts, the red frame part of the setting I feel is the least distortion, we can refer to. Cycle options Remember to choose forever.


There are many ways to make micro-motion photography, for example, you can use Adobe After effects import sequence photos to add masks (mask) to replace the mask function, the principle is the same. We often see other people's signature pictures on the internet, the outside is still, the inside is the classic dynamic picture of the play, is also done with this method. In fact, our mobile phone app also has cinemagraph such software, the use of similar methods, but out of the effect can not be compared to the computer processing. If you also feel the static picture start not enough fun, may wish to play your creativity, together to play the micro-motion photography bar!

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