PS teaches you to draw a deep and elegant honeycomb background

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Final Effect Diagram:

First, we perform "edit-preferences-guides, grids, and slices" to set the grid size.

Select the Polygon tool

To set the Polygon tools option

Draw a "hexagonal" on the canvas, the size of the hexagon, and I'm using 30 pixels.

Select the path selection tool, press ALT, move the mouse, copy the path of a polygon, resize to 25 pixels, and subtract the pattern.

Select the path of two polygons, align horizontally and vertically, and we get a hollow polygon.

Similarly, with the Path selection tool, select the two-polygon path to merge the shape components.

Below, or using the "Path selection Tool", select the hollow polygon, hold down ALT, drag the mouse, copy the polygon, and put the following:

Hide the background layer, hide the background because we want to get a transparent bottom, only the pattern of the hive, using the "rectangular marquee" tool, select the selection of the following figure, it should be noted here to ensure that we selected the part, can be seamless splicing, the grid can be observed, I believe there is no difficulty.

Perform edit-definition pattern.

Create a 4000*4000 pixel document, the background is transparent, perform "edit-fill", Content Select "Pattern", select the pattern we just made, the pattern we created just now is a bit big, so here I ctrl+t, the pattern layer shrinks to about 25%.

Create a new file, set the background to black, the size of the random, I used 660*450 pixel, the shrinking pattern layer dragged in, set a layer style.

After setting the layer style, we get the following effect.

Next, we add a layer mask to the pattern, and use the brush tool to apply a few four corners to create a dark corner effect.

Below, we start to create the original colors. Create a new layer, named "Green", set the foreground color to #263026, with rounded corners soft edges to draw a stroke.

Change the layer blending mode of the "green" layer to "linear dodge (Add)", change the opacity to 60%, and add a layer mask to blot out the disharmony.

Create a new layer, set the foreground color to #30393b, and the same with a large rounded corner brush, change the blending mode of the layer to "linear dodge (Add)", add a mask, and smear the discordant place.

Finally, add a level adjustment layer with the following parameters:

The final effect is as shown:

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