PS teaches you to draw exquisite realistic tie icons

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Final effect:

Create a new canvas with a custom size.

Draw a rounded rectangle, the size of the custom.

Alt +v+e set up a reference line

Double-click the rounded rectangle layer to bring up the layer style, gradient overlay, and a gray to black gradient.

Add a drop shadow. To set the diagram:

Inner Shadow:

Ctrl+j Copy Fillet rectangle:

Right-click to clear layer style (not copy fillet rectangle that layer)

Padding is zero.

Bring up the layer style, add the projection, knock the layer out of that option and tick it off (I turn the rounded rectangular eyes off)

Then open the layer with the rounded rectangle, and the mouse selects the layer that fills the zero.

Hold down CTRL and move two to three pixels down by 2-3 below the two-times ↓ key, as a shadow effect. As pictured.

Pull a finer ellipse.

Press p to convert Point tool.

Click on the anchor point below the ellipse to make it sharp.

Add an anchor point, adjust the lower ellipse, and make it look a bit curved.

Adjust the effect after.

Right-click to create a clipping mask, or ctrl+shift+alt+g, or hold down Alt in the middle of two layers, and cut the adjusted ellipse into rounded rectangles.

This step may be asked, why cut into the oval disappeared? Don't worry, double-click the rounded rectangle to mediate the layer style. If you look at the diagram settings, the ellipse will appear.

Polygon tool, draw a triangle, fill flesh.

Clip Masks.

Use the Pen tool to follow the edge of the triangle and hook the collar out.

After ctrl+j copy one, put it on the other side of the ctrl+t, right button horizontal reversal, put to the appropriate position.

Follow the elliptical radian, then use the pen to hook the big collar of the coat and fill the black.

Copy, reverse and put it in the right place.

Okay, so here's the tie.

The rectangle draws a square, the ctrl+t on the above numerical input rotates 45 °.

Put it in the right place.

Press ALT to copy one down.

Direct Selection Tool.

Hold down the left button and use the dotted line to select the anchor point below and then let go.

Then hold down the left button, click the anchor point below, and hold down SHIFT and pull down.

If you think the tie is a bit wide, ctrl+t make it thinner.

Then add the pattern.

Rectangular tool, draw a straight line with a width of 2 px long several px, filled with crimson.

Ctrl+t put it in this position.

Ctrl+j copy pattern layer.

Select the copy pattern layer and ctrl+t the following image.

First click on the small triangle, and then the y-axis input -10,-10 is the distance, if you think the spacing is too small, the number can be changed freely.

After the number is lost, knock back two, while the mouse is still in the pattern copy layer, while holding down ctrl+shift+alt+t continuous replication, the effect as shown in the picture:

Find tie these two layers, Ctrl+e merged, become a layer.

And then all the copied pattern layer also merged into a layer, pattern layer placed above the tie layer, create clip mask, the effect of the following figure.

Create a clipping mask for the tie layer and cut the extra in.

Find this layer with the arrow callout, add the layer style, gradient overlay, shadow, and the value as shown below:

Right-click the layer style of the collar, and then paste the right button on the opposite collar.

Then add the layer style to the collar layer of the suit.

Repeat just, copy the layer style, and then paste it to the opposite side.

Finally, the tie layer to add layer style, bevel relief, outer glow, so that the tie three-dimensional more powerful.

If you are a perfect student, you can finally make a tie clip for a tie, draw a long strip with a rectangle, and add a pixel-white inner shadow.

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