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It's a great big white poster.


First we need to draw out the body of the big white, use the Pen tool to hook out, as shown in different shades of red.

2. We're going to deal with the head of the great White and fill it with #bfc5c6.


Add an inner shadow, the parameter setting is the default setting.

4. In order to improve the brightness of the head, we create a new in the head and then fill a white layer, and then add a mask, wipe the edge, exposing a little bit of the original fill color, the effect of the same as the following image can be.

5. Look at my layers.

In order to create a shadow beneath the head of the Great White, I used a total of three layers, the first layer is a solid color + mask, the second layer is under the head of the shadow, in order to make the shadow more lifelike, I added a layer of shadow, and finally have two of the shadow of a stack.

6. Add a high light to the head of the white, draw the figure shown in the picture, and then use Gauss blur, about 5px.

7. Finish the high light above, and now we can draw the eyes of the Great White (-).

Use the Oval tool and the line tool to draw the eyes, and then we want to open the layer style to add shadows to the eyes, but do not hook up the global light.

Projection, normal, transparent 100%, angle -58°, distance 1px, be sure to remember that there is no global light.

8. Fill the body color for #a8afb2.

9. The brush is set to 95px, in order to make the body appear to have thickness, the brush's hardness reduced close to 0, after this can be adjusted, and then draw at the bottom of the body.

10. Copy the contour of the body, layer style-bevel relief, inner bevel, smooth, depth 193%, Position: below, size 232 px, angle 90°, height 29 °, color filter, transparency 56%, multiply, transparency 28%.

11. In order to highlight the brightness of the body, we will reproduce a layer of body ~♪ (^∇^*)

12. Create a new layer to add light and shadow details to the body.

13. Here we want to add some high light to the body, the same is drawn with the pen tool, Gaussian blur around 2px, shape not too regular.

14. Do not forget to draw the head and the body junction shadow, here I am directly using an elliptical blur, and then use the mask to erase the upper part.

15. Wipe with a 2 px brush at the edge shadow to make the shadow look more realistic.

16. Now basically finished, we give the white head and the body of the junction to another layer of shadow, this time the color is darker, the range is small.

17. Fill the arms with #a8b0b3.

18. Use the PX size of the brush, and then reduce the hardness, close to 0%, smear on the arm, the effect as shown in the picture.

19. ARM layer style open, set its outer glow is white, transparency is 22%, length is 27.

20. Add a shadow to the arm with a paintbrush.

21. Now we give the arm to draw a high light, fill white and then Gaussian Blur 3 px, adjust opacity and multiply the bottom, then combined with a mask to wipe the next can be.

22. Draw a different high light in a different place in the same way.

23. Now we want to give the white hand to fill a different gray, remember the hand of the junction and fingers to be layered to draw, specific visible psd source files.

24. The hand drawing method and the arm's drawing method is same, here does not say again.

25. The connection between arm and hand needs to turn on the projection effect and the inner glow effect.

26. It should be noted that the place where the fingers and arms are connected is not the same.

27. Now we complete the whole hand of the draw ~ In fact, it is not difficult, the key is to master the high light and shadow ~ Do this tutorial to accumulate experience, will not be able to see the PSD source files.

28. Now add details, gray shapes and lines.

29. As with the presentation of the arm, the key is the shadow of the two-legged junction and the shadow of the body's junction.

30. Finally to add a projection, so that it stood on the ground has three-dimensional sense of the four feel very Meng, yo yo yo ~ plus logo! complete!

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