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A good picture contains a lot of components: color, light and shade contrast, curve sense, and so on, even if the same picture, replaced by different tones, modified to different brightness will bring different visual feelings, so later in digital photography also occupy a very important position.

Beautiful photographer Butterfly (Weibo: @ butterfly photo) Take the following photo as an example to analyze her later techniques. In this picture, two times the composition, simple to remove noise, change the tone of several steps.

In the PS Camera raw open original, a lot of people will ignore this step, and in fact the setting here is also very important, not only to save a certain failure exposure parameters, you can also carry out the record of the camera when the data changes.

Separation of colors, the picture of the high light part is the body part of the figure plus red, shaded part of the picture is the dark part of the green, parameters such as on.

The sense of the particles will add a bit of retro nostalgia to the picture, enlarge the image and add the appropriate particles.

Subsequently, into the PS adjustment.

Open the image, into the PS editor, two times composition, do subtraction to remove the surrounding clutter in the picture, this picture in the film as a result of the television, the camera was also photographed inside, two times the purpose of the composition is mainly to cut off the camera.

Use the Stamp tool to mask the noise in the screen, and then use the color balance and curve tools for simple fine-tuning.

Complete the effect diagram:

A picture with some retro oil paintings has been modified.

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