PS, the friend in the picture becomes Meng Meng

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Raw Material:

Meng Meng Effect chart:

Is it Meng Meng? Now let's go to the formal tutorial.

STEP01: Pull the map

Because I do not use the background of the original image, but directly with the black fill layer, so we pull out the characters. Here we dig out the body and the head

Department. The part of the head, together with a part of the neck to pull out, this can facilitate the back and the body fusion. The way to pull the picture, the uncle is using a pen.

Enlarge the head and place it where you think it is suitable for the eruption. You will find that the right clothes and neck have a Shong feeling, no matter, we slowly handle.

Shong, we have to put our necks under our clothes. The process here should be flexible. We can use pens to make the selection, to adjust the area deformation, so that the head and body is very good synthesis. Part of the deformation, not like the overall deformation, affect the overall proportions. (This is a little trick)

However, regional deformation will also have some problems, such as here, the neck pixel degeneration after the split, there is no image. This is because the area is moved to the right. How to do it. Here you can use the Clone stamp tool to fix it.

After patching:

Then on the head layer, add a mask to merge. (Here, according to the different photos, the length of the processing time varies.) To do fine, we must carefully to deal with, the method is not difficult, the key is the details of the main body is completed. Stamp the entire character (don't stamp the background) to see if there are any flaws in the synthetic site, and the use of spot repair tools can generally be handled.


Then we'll do some detail processing. For example, add some shadow to the bottom of the head. Make the picture more realistic.

To add a shadow to the effect diagram:

No original artwork added:

This completes the portrait processing. We will stamp the character (remember not to stamp the background so that we can add the original idea to the background)

Then a simple color processing, character saturation low, clothes unchanged, the curve to do a small s can.

Baidu a "Lakers logo" to pull out, add a stroke. Put in the diagram

In the Add point text, the font can be selected Meng Meng.

Final Draft completed:


1. This is a relatively simple synthesis tutorial, the key is to pull the map and detail processing

2. The processing of partial realism, can be synthesized by the main body after adding some light and shade to match the environment

3. According to the different characters photos, real-time choice of flexible processing methods. In general, face photo is the simplest.

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