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This picture is not difficult, the only difficulty is that many new learning friends, will not use the layer and the mask relationship, always like a step on the finish, it is not because you lazy, but because you are in the brush, remember, color matching is an expression of emotion, so you must have feelings for the picture, do not worry about trouble, when you succeed at the moment, you will be happy , this tutorial is not a lot of knowledge, the most important thing is that a layer of tone, color to 1.1 points on, that's all.

Photoshop Tutorial Artwork

Final effect

1, the observation of the original figure found that the high light area more, create a color balance adjustment layer, the high light adjustment, the value: 37/9/56. After the determination of the use of transparency: 33%, flow is: 55% black brush, in the mask to erase the next figure red circle part.

2, sunset under the twilight is not bright enough, so we create a color balance adjustment layer, adjust the midtones, the value: 4/0/-7.

3, remember the previous tutorial color is not a moment can be transferred out, be patient, here or create a color balance adjustment layer, adjust the shadow, value: 33/0/-37, and then change the layer blending mode to "multiply", and change the transparency to: about 90%, then erase the red circle part of the selection with the mask, Let the picture more layered sense.


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