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PS Create super Beautiful mv hurrying feet Landscape Master color palette Tutorial "4" first to see the effect of the chart first: 1, if you want to get a group of works with a storyline, before shooting to understand the need to tell what kind of story, and then determine the circumstances need to shoot;

2, the plot does not need too long, a single frame of the photo only suitable to express some simple shadow screen;

3, to 4:3 or 16:9 of the proportion of shooting can be, but to advance sufficient screen space, in order to cut later.

Before and after the effect of the picture:

Post-Production first we open the PS software, the first thing to do is, of course, first to get the border. I do the border frame ratio is 16:9, inside the frame ratio of 13:4.5, this is I intercepted some of the foreign classic movie screen, thus derived data. There are also a lot of people outside the frame ratio is 16:9, but the inside box is relatively small, in fact, this is just according to the preferences of everyone, because we usually see the film is not the same picture. Making borders is also the most important part of the tutorial.

First step:

Create a new layer with the same size as the photo, and you can see its long width on the photo parameters.

Step Two:

Cut the inside box, I cut the ratio is 13:4.5, and mentioned above, this is based on some of the foreign classic movie screenshots of the data. Note that the position to center, this time you can press out the guide to operate.

Step Three:

Pull the trimmed frame to the screen, select the inner box with the rectangular marquee tool, and then reverse. Then use the Paint bucket tool to fill the upper and lower parts of the template with black. This step is done with a black screen border.

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