PS to create a spring dream effect font

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Final effect:

1th Step:

Let's start by creating a brush. So, open a new document, 230x230, create a circle with the Oval selection tool, fill in any color, and then press CTRL + D to cancel the selection

Double-click the layer on the circle to apply a gradient overlay effect. Change the radial gradient to 120%, then click Create Gradient.

You need to create 3 colors of the gradient (you can add color click to create the color bar below), #e9e9e9最左边, rightmost #636363, #b3b3b3之间. Make sure the position in the middle, the ratio 60%.

When you click the #b3b3b3 color, the two midpoint appears, the left side, and the other on the right side. Click on the midpoint of the right and change its position to 55%.

Then, change the left midpoint position to the left 50%.

Now that the gradient is complete, click OK to step out of the gradient editor and still keep the Layer Style dialog box, moving the gradient over the circle until you get a result similar to the following:

When you're satisfied with the results, click OK. Then go to edit-> Define brush presets, name brushes, and types.

2nd Step:

Create the original document, set the foreground color to #a6a301, the background color to 486024, and then create a radial gradient.

Put PIP paper texture background, then go to image-> Adjust-> Hue/saturation, change saturation-100.

Select a layer's blending mode as soft light

Click on the icon at the bottom of the layers panel to create a new adjustment layer and select hue/saturation.

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