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Final effect:

Words don't say much, start ~

Step 1

Create a new file, the size is 1400*900px, the background is blue-black, the specific data as shown below:

Place the previously downloaded picture "ice texture 1″, and adjust its size appropriately.

Change its blending mode to soft light.

Turn on the curve adjustment to adjust the ice Texture 1 layer, the data is as follows:

Create a new layer, blending mode to soft light, with a large, soft white brush smear the middle part of the layer, the effect is as follows:

Step 2

Choose a font you like, and enter some text.

Open the blending mode for the type layer, adjusted as follows:

Bevel and Emboss

Inner Glow


Layer Overlay


Add a layer mask to the type layer, and use the eraser-like brush that you previously downloaded to erase a portion of the text.

The effect is as follows:

Step 3

Open the ice texture 2″ and select a part with the selection tool.

Copy the selection and paste it into the diagram we want to do, overwriting the text.

Click the right mouse button to select "Create Clipping Mask", the effect is as follows:

Step 4

We'll add some snowflakes and choose a painting.

Smear the edges of the text and adjust the brush size appropriately.

We can also add some extra textures, such as using the Quick selection tool to select the peak image of the iceberg, as follows:

Copy the selection to the bottom of the diagram:

You can paint some snowflakes in the picture with a particle brush.

Step 5

Copy the background layer and add an enhanced edge filter to it, as follows:

Add a mask for the copied layer.

Final effect:

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