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Today for everyone to share PS to create a noble color glaze English Letter effect, the original author of this tutorial from our well-known p big point s of the original share. The text effect produced by the tutorial is very noble, what kind of creative is it? After a personal study to feel the award of the Bandits shallow, recommended and triple PS learners to share the study, we first look at the final effect of the picture bar:


The specific production steps are as follows:

Create a new 1024*683 pixel size file with resolution 72, color mode RGB 8 bits.

Place the "silk cloth" material in the material bag, resize and position it.

Create a "level" adjustment layer, adjust the parameters, so that the silk cloth to look at some light, calm some, illuminate the texture.

Install the "SEDONASCRIPTFLF" font provided in our material package, play our text, set the text color to #f062b2, and the font is "SEDONASCRIPTFLF". The original tutorial used the word "lovely", which is a stimulating word, here I use is pddser, what meaning, we are p big point s, our abbreviation is pdds,er you understand.

We copy pddser layer three layer, and rename it to Pddser 1 2 3 4 named, convenient and so will be more intuitive to watch the tutorial, the original author of the CC2015, layer style powerful too low version of these many, considering that maybe now with CC2015 people are not too much, We have modified the practice of the original author. Select four text layers, ctrl+g create a layer group, and set the Pddser 2 3 43 text layer fill to 0.

Below, we set a layer style for the Pddser 1 text layer. For specific parameters, please refer to the figure below, the gloss contour is tapered and has its own.

Check the contour line, also here the contours set is also "cone", remember to check "anti-aliasing."

Set a 5-pixel external gradient stroke, stroke gradient here no longer color, I exported a gradient, you directly in the material package to find "stove pipe 80.grd" This gradient, import PS and apply it.

Finally, we add a projection.

After setting the Pddser 1 text layer, we get the following effect:

Below, we set the Pddser 2 text layer layer style, in order to make the text shadow more realistic, Pddser 2 The function of the text layer is to enhance the shadow effect, so here only added a projection. Emphasize that the fill of this type layer should be 0

Next, we add a layer style for the Pddser 3 text layer. Here, we add a bevel and emboss to add a texture effect to it. Bevel relief in the gloss contour is "ring-double ring", the same contour is also brought. Again, the fill of this layer is 0

The contour lines in the contour options are "gauss-inversion" and are also self-contained. Remember to check the anti-aliasing option here.

Sets the texture. This metal snake skin texture is ps from the belt, for the avoidance of people can not find, I also exported a in the material bag, "Metal snake Skin, Pat" this thing is.

Below, we set the layer style of the Pddser 4 text layer, this layer is to enhance the texture effect, here we added a "bevel relief", set the parameters below the figure, where the gloss contour is "cone-reverse", the same is PS from the belt. Once again, the layer's padding is set to 0.

Check the "texture" option, the texture pattern is just the "metal snake skin" pattern.

OK, the text layer style even if it is done, now we have the preliminary results, the current effect of the following figure:

Below, we begin to draw a circle of text-linked text linked to a chain. Sets the foreground color to #a5a5a5, draws a circle of 25x25 pixels, and makes the circle the lower position of the type layer group.

Select "Path Selection Tool", select Live This circle, press ALT to drag, copy a circle path, change this circle size to 15x15 pixel, set two circles "center horizontally", "center vertically", change the path mode to "minus".

Duplicate this circular two layers, get a total of three layers of circular layers, and rename the three circles to "Round 1 2 3", select the three layer ctrl+g, create the layer group, name "Circle left", and change the "Round 2 3" two layer fill to 0

To set a layer style for the "Round 1" layer, we first add a bevel and emboss style, where the gloss contour is "ring", this is the PS-belt waterline style, and other parameter settings see the following figure:


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