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Advanced sharpening for simple use of PS (i)--Increasing sharpening precision

Sharpening level: As long as you understand the point of Photoshop layer, you can find the "edit", "Filter" menu, the PS image will be stored as JPG format.

Sharpen Note: Must be in the other post-processing is finished again.

Sharpen the point: better not so sharp, also don't sharp.

Sharpening parameters: Each value is for reference only, the size of the graph determines the size of the parameter. My example uses a graph of 1024x768 pixels.

Small sequence: sharpening, for those PS master is insignificant, but for a use of PS will be a headache of the film friends will cost a twists and turns, what high contrast retention, edge sharpening, what USM Sharpening, further sharpening ... Of course there are a lot of small digital image processing software has sharpening function, but I tell you, that can compare with Photoshop, or it whole so much sharpen what to do, with PS sharpening is to improve the sharpness of precision. Of course, there are many masters in magazines or forums to explain PS sharpening method, but it's a master class, it's a term and a long speech (is not clear for the fee), and he tells you how to sharpen PS, sometimes you need to look over and over to understand. We do not need to know how to sharp, we know how sharp on the line. Today I summed up the experience of the Masters, according to Tiger painting cat, with the vernacular to help you sharpen the whole, so that not dare to use PS Rui's shadow friends to make the film show wonderful. If you are really helpful, you are happy, I am happy, I did not white busy.

Sharpening the purpose is to make the film clearer, but if the whole virtual, it is misplaced, but also want to sharpen to clear, I see not easy. It is used in the camera dynamic range of small, sharp low, the image after the reduction of what. Here are two strokes I think the role of large, more accurate sharp method, the masters can not laugh, I am and beginners to learn to recruit, and you find out what wrong quickly hit me, lest mislead. Begin!

First, USM sharpening.

USM, what do you mean? I also said it is not clear, anyway, it is a PS filter with a sharpening method, you will remember that it is certainly more than the essence of small software on the line.

USM Sharpening Shang is divided into five steps.

The first step is to open the image you want to sharpen.

The second step, copy a layer, the original layer of small eyes close, enlarge the figure to 100%.


The third step, in the "Filter" menu to find "sharpening"-"USM Sharpening", open.

The fourth step, move the "quantity", "radius", "field value" of the slider, left to see the large picture overall, the right to see small window part of the adjustment.

However, this knot I have to say, because you want to sharp map size is different, and these values are quite difficult to understand, this place is clear to sharpen the precision useful.

Number-How many pixels are ready to change. Is how many pixels want to increase the contrast to sharpen the effect, the more the more effective, the larger the picture to get more;

The radius-the changed pixel cannot be changed together, starting with the range of several pixels, and then gradually changing the pixels near it. That is, in the "Number" column determines the pixel, as the edge of the pixel is a few pixels for the range to start the change, the radius of the larger, sharp range, sharp, the stronger, this also depends on the size of the figure set. field value-The pixel change of what it looks like. is to let the software know that the edge of the number of contrast pixels is used to sharpen. There's a photographic magazine that says the bigger the value, the stronger the sharpening, I think that said is inaccurate, should be: the greater the value, in the above two identified pixels, sharpening range, the transition natural; the smaller the number, the greater the contrast, and more useful for the edge.

If you really don't understand, just look at the effect of the picture to try to come, anyway, the meaning of these several values I really turn headache.


I think: Landscape architecture, the number of whole 200, radius of the whole 1-1.5, the field value of the whole 10-20; Flowers portrait, the number of whole 150, radius is greater than 1, the field value of the whole 2; cats and dogs, the whole 150, 1, 15, the other try it yourself.

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