PS to the character grinding skin to create purple magic effect

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Effect chart

  Tutorial Artwork

1. Open the picture, double click Unlock, duplicate a layer. (Personal habits) 2.2. Start grinding: Gaussian blur, Value 4.0, click Snapshot, I remember calling this

), back to the previous step, in the historical record inside

Settings, select history Brush, smear character's skin

Skin, the focus is on the spots on the cutaneous, peas, to be as vague as possible, but the overall do not wear too much, otherwise it will look very fake.

3. Select the obvious part of the spot (mainly cheeks, forehead, neck, etc.), with lasso tool (feather 10~15) circle out, copy (of course, also

Can not be copied, Gaussian Blur, numerical 4.0~5.0, it seems to be able to blend with the surrounding skin.

4. Blush: Create a new layer, according to the approximate position in the diagram, with Lasso tool circle (slightly smaller, feather value 10~15, or larger), and then feather

, fill the color #825649, layer mode filter color.

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  • PS Grinding Tutorial
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