PS to the gray cauliflower beauty picture plus hazy sunshine color

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Pictures for cloudy shooting, a bit of gray and dark, the overall sense of permeability is not very strong. The author uses a lot of pure color layer to improve the brightness of the picture and increase the complement, while also adding the homemade sunlight, the overall effect is very beautiful.


1, with a quick mask (not face close-up, select do not need to be too precise) extract the character skin color selection, with a curve to make skin slightly transparent point.

2, the hue saturation tool, to the photo plus saturation and Gamindo (one is to add Meng, for a while to brighten a little photo), do not remember the value, understand that the reason is kingly.

3, create a light yellow solid color layer, layer blending mode is set to multiply (add yellow color to the whole picture, autumn tones Oh, this is the reason, or that sentence, the value is worthless), if you feel yellow too, you can reduce the opacity of the layer, about 70% or so.

4, create a lavender solid color layer, the layer blending mode set to lighten, opacity and fill, are set to about 50%.

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