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Repair the old photos, renovation, color, etc. is another feature of PS, although there are many new software can be used to renovate old photos, but the real flexibility to apply and do the best of the non-Photoshop, today's webmaster pointed to bring you an old photo refurbished coloring tutorial examples, Hope to help you.

Photoshop Tutorial Effects Chart


1, open the original image in Photoshop (this tutorial is made using Photoshop CS5, other versions are common), copy the background to a copy, as shown in the following figure:

2. Click to select the Pen tool in the Common toolbar, use the Navigator to enlarge the picture properly, and check the three pieces of the museum with Pen tool, as shown in the following picture:

3, after the check, click the right button to select "Create a Selection", in the pop-up window set feather radius of 2 pixels (so that the edge has a better transition), as shown in the following figure:

  • PS Image Processing
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