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In addition to sharing with you how to use Photoshop to treat color photos as nostalgic retro photos, another important idea is how to make the best use of smart layers in Photoshop, adjust layers, layer masks, and process pictures without destroying the original images, although the steps will be more But you can keep the original image for future contingencies.

Open any image, press the right mouse button on the background layer, select the Copy Layer option and click on the "background copy" layer, and then perform the menu layer/Smart object/Convert to Intelligent object, and then a Black-and-white icon appears in the lower-right corner of the background copy icon to indicate that the layer is an intelligent layer.


Next Select the menu "Filter/noise/improve noise", after entering and the bottom of the "monochrome" tick selected, in the total portion can adjust itself, this side is mainly to create a long time to produce a rough feeling.


On the background copy layer, add a "gradient corresponding" adjustment layer and set the gradient to black to white, as shown below.


Add a "pattern" of the adjustment layer, and the pattern selection, such as the figure, zoom position can adjust themselves, as far as possible to the screen produced, a thin piece of feeling.


When you are done, set the blending mode of the pattern adjustment layer to soft light.


Add two layers Separately, add olive green and coffee red separately, and set the two layer blending mode to "soft light".


And in just fill the coffee red layer, the ape added a layer shading, and the use of the tool box of the gradient tools, the above part of the cover up, as shown below.


Finish is not very old early flavor fu Ah!

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